“CALM” in Conjunction with LNER

(C) D.Dowling

Campaign Against Living Miserably (CALM) is a charity working alongside London North Eastern Railway (LNER). The Charity was set up as a trial in Manchester during 1997 and started to expand all over the country after a successful pilot was trialed. Until 2011 it was aimed at Men between the ages of 15 and 35 years old but according to the charity it became apparent that men over the age of 35 were also needing the aid of the charity.

October 2018 saw LNER joining forces with CALM to raise the awareness of Mental Health. Since LNER started helping the charity over 100 employees have completed training provided by the charity. LNER have in place a way of donating though their ‘delay repay’ which means that anyone who is delayed and claimes money back for a delayed journey can support the charity.

It not just LNER who have gotten involved with CALM Russell Kane, who is a well known actor, writer and comedian, has become an ambassador which means anyone who wants to get invoved can!

Anyone wanting to find out more information, get involved or support the charity please visit their website for further details. The website links for CALM and LNER are below.
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