Eastbourne’s Lockdown Railway

(C) Rebecca Peachey

Most railways are usually used by the general public, one exception being a railway in Sussex, known more as a holiday destination and not a railwayman’s dream.

Adrian Backshall an ex- railwayman who lives in Eastbourne has built himself a railway in his backgarden. Building 30ft of standard gague track, he also restored an old trolly car to run. The current lockdown measures have given him the time to focus on the project and see it steaming ahead. He has fitted out the old trolley car with household items to make the experience of travelling the length of his garden more pleasurable.


Mr Backshall retired last year after 40 years service on the railways. He started working for British Railways as a Cable Jointer and later on with Network Rail. Maintance jobs in the railway industry are extremely important as the smallest of failures on the maintenance side of the railways can cause so much devastation.

He is hoping to be able to share his project with Friends and family once the current lockdown measures have been lifted!

Mr Backshall said:

“I am still very pleased with the 30ft I’ve got but I could extend it for another 50ft, go around the patio, a little station. If I keep trying, she might get fed up with gardening.”

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