Elizabeth Line Overview

(C) Hugh Llewelyn

The Cross Rail Elizabeth Line is one of Network Rails biggest projects once full complete the line will connect Reading and Heathrow with Shenfield and Abbey Wood. The most significant feature of this project is the 13 mile of tunnels needed to allow the Elizabeth Line to cross through the heart of Central London.

The Line will have a length of 100 km end to end once fully complete.

The route itself is just over 60 miles long with a total of 75% of the route above ground. Network Rail handle the design, development and also delivery of the excising rail network which the Elizabeth line will use on certain sections of the route.



Stations are due to be completed by the end of 2020. Stations that already exist are adapted to ensure they are compatible with the new cross rail stock. They have also received a refurbishment, some of which include new ticket halls, new lifts and footbridges. Which allow for step-free access at all stations and platform extinctions to due to the cross rail stock being 200m long.


New Class 345 (C) Hugh Llewelyn

As part of the line, two new types of trains will run—the class 387s operated by Great Western Railway and the dedicated Elizabeth line stock the class 345s.



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