Grand Central announce Extra Sunderland-London

Grand Central Railway former BR BREL class 43 Bo-Bo loco nos 43084 and 43065 (trailing) of Heaton T&RSMD pass through Newark North Gate station with the 12:30 (SX) Sunderland to London Kings Cross (1A62). Weds 19/03/2008

Grand Central has been awarded approval to operate an extra service from Sunderland to London this makes a total of six services each way between the capital and Sunderland Monday to Friday and a total of five on Sunday.

No date has been given yet for the new service to start; however, it will be launched in the few near future an announcement will be made shortly.

Grand Central class 180 Adelante which operate the majority of their routes

Grand central have received access rights from the office of rail and road to run the one additional service until 2021 with the option to extend.

The service will include several stops on the route including major interchange station York in addition to Hartlepool, Eaglescliffe, Northallerton and Thirsk.

The additional service will depart from Sunderland from at 10:00, and the return working will be 1430 from London’s kings cross station Monday to Saturday.

The Sunday service will leave half an hour later at 10:30 and returning at 15:30 the later time allowing for engineering works.
The additional Sunday service will depart at approximately 10:30 am from Sunderland with the return leaving London Kings Cross at around 3:30 pm.

Richard McClean, managing director at Grand Central, said:

“We’re delighted to be able to run an extra return daily service on our North East route between Sunderland and London.

“These additional services will support continued economic growth along our routes by enabling communities to thrive and providing more opportunities to connect people and places.

“New services are essential to providing choice in the rail market and to connecting communities and businesses. We’re pleased that the ORR shares our vision for sustainable investment in the rail industry.

“By offering low fares and benefits which are valued by our customers, we aim to make train travel an attractive and affordable option.” (Statment source Sunderland Echo)


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