Heritage Service for the Settle & Carlisle Line

(C) D.Dowling

The picturesque Settle to Carlisle Line runs between the remote landscape of the Yorkshire Dales and the Scottish boarder. This summer it will have its own regular heritage train service allowing passengers to experience some of England’s most beautiful scenery.

The new service will be run by Rail Charter Services after the long period of Covid-19 and the restrictions that came with it. It will be suitable for families looking to have a nice day out. The train will be made up from one of Locomotive Services newly acquired trains which was withdawn from regular services along the great eastern mainline back in March.  As the country hasn’t seen the back of Covid-19, the company have measures in place to protect its passengers. The trains will have plastic screens in between the seating along with a one way boarding system in place.
(C) D.Dowling
The line was due to be closed by British Rail in the 1980s but a campaign was set up to save it from disappearing and during 1989 the British government announced that it would be saved. Ever since it was saved the line has grown and is widely used today by Northern Rail, Freight, WCML services (when a diversionary route is needed) and steam charter trains. One point along the line has become a landmark for visitors to the area, the Ribblehead Viaduct. It is one of the largest Viaducts in the country, standing at an impressive 104 feet and spanning 400 meters and has been carrying trains over it since 1875.

The service is planning on running three return trips between Skipton and Appleby, the provisional timings are below.

Departing Skipton: 08.35, 12.18 & 16.12.
Departing Appleby: 10.35, 14.38, 17.58.

Anyone interested in taking a trip on a heritage train through the Yorkshire Dales and the Scottish boarder please visit the link below.


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