Rail Traveller is rapidly expanding and we have roles open that YOU can fill! Are you a rail enthusiast? Perhaps a trainspotter? Or just passionate to write about travel and rail  – Our roles may be just for you!

Note: As a new and emerging Media Publication, currently all team members are voluntary and assisting in their spare-time.

Current Vacancies


Journalist (Rail Industry)

We’re looking to expand our inhouse Editorial Team and Newsdesk with new Writers (Rail). As a writer/journalist with us, you will be at the forefront of Rail Traveller’s quest to be the leading rail news source, writing news, features and other editorial content for publishing on our online publication –

Some Daily Tasks include…

  • Researching breaking news topics and ‘keeping an eye on’ the Rail Industry
  • Planning, drafting and writing articles for our online publication
  • Sourcing images both internally and externally for your articles
  • Reaching out to, and communicating directly with Rail Company / Station Press Teams to gather primary content for your articles
  • Taking an active-role in the Rail Traveller Team with an allocated ‘News Watch’ Shift & Content Team Development
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