“Justice For Belly Mujinga”

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Belly Mujinga was an employee at London’s Victoria railway station who was spat at by a passenger and later contracted Covid-19. The British Transport police have recently closed the investigation, however the public and her family are calling for the re-opening of this case. Belly’s family have the right to answers and justice. Once someones life is taken it can never be replaced, one act can ruin a whole family’s life. It shouldn’t have had to get to the point where someone has to die for change to happen.

Belly had an underlying health condition and questions are being asked as to why she was still working and why she wasn’t provided with Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) when people were asked to stop working during the peak of Covid-19.

A campaign has been set up to secure protection and support for employees of Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR). When someone is offered a role in an organisation every individual has the right to feel secure and not to be abused or assaulted.

Anyone who uses public transport will understand how important it is to society, especially in London the transport network serves commuintes who may not be able to afford their other methods of transportation. This means that we need to fight to keep our key workers safe and the incident involving Belly should not have happened and we can ensure that it is not repeated in the future.

Please use the link below to sign the petition;


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