LNER’s Class 91 – Extension and Overhaul!

(C) D.Dowling
London North Eastern Railway has confirmed that they will now be keeping 10 Class 91s operational until 2023 and potentially well into 2024. The company will be having them overhauled by Wabtec at the railway works in Doncaster, a town that’s had a long-standing railway connection.
The Locomotives and Mk:IV coaches they operate with will have a ‘G exam’ and OH1 exam, thus increasing the longevity of the trains. Completion of the upgrades is expected to be completed by the beginning of 2022, the date may change as often railway upgrade projects take longer than expected.
LNER’s Class 91 with special ‘Lord Mayor of Newcastle’ plaque | (c) Daniel Dowling via Rail Traveller
The Class 91 and Mk:IV trains are being kept to work services between London Kings Cross to Leeds and York. The 4th September 2020 was due to mark the end of the trains working the Anglo/Scottish route as the new fleet London North Eastern Railway use have finally taken over, but a few have managed to work the Anglo/Scottish route since 4th September.
The provisional diagrams after September 2020 are listed below, though as with all provisional timetables is subject to change:
  • 1D02: 06.33 Kings Cross – Leeds
  • 1A49: 19.16 Leeds – Kings Cross
  • 1N36: 23.00 Kings Cross – York
  • 1A04: 06.05 Leeds – Kings Cross
  • 1N81: 09.06 Kings Cross – York
  • 1Y84: 12.02 York – Kings Cross
  • 1N87: 15.06 Kings Cross – York
  • 1Y90: 18.02 York – Kings Cross
  • 1Y00: 04.40 York – Kings Cross
  • 1D06: 08.33 Kings Cross – Leeds
  • 1A26: 11.45 Leeds – Kings Cross
  • 1D17: 14.03 Kings Cross – Leeds
  • 1A41: 16.45 Leeds – Kings Cross
  • 1D30: 1933 Kings Cross – Leeds
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