National Railway Museum to Re-Open

(C) P.Bowry

The National Railway Museum in York is due to re- open. The museum closed due to Covid-19 on the evening of March the seventeenth. The museum is best known for housing one of the most famous steam locomotives in the world, it is called Mallard.

(C) D.Dowling

Mallard is famous for setting a speed record of 126mph along the East Coast Mainline in 1938, a record that hasn’t been broken for a steam locomotive since.

The museum has announced that it will re-open it’s doors on Tuesday 4th of August, they are asking people to book ahead as visitors won’t be able to visit if they haven’t booked. The free tickets will be available online from Monday 20th July.
The museum will start off by opening with reduced hours.

    (C) P.Bowry

The first dates the museum will be open are Tuesday the fourth, Thursday the sixth and Saturday the eighth of August. The second week the opening hours will be Wednesday twelfth, Friday the fourteenth and Saturday fifteenth of August

The museum has advised that only certain parts of the building will be open, anyone wishing to visit please check out their website. A link to their site is below.

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