Network Rail – Stay off the tracks

Network Rail has today released new figures which reveal some very troubling statistics. Since the start of the COVID-19 lockdown, there have been a total of 1,024 trespass incidents on the railway. Disrupting both key-workers and vital freight supplies.

In total, the delay time adds up to 380 hours; the average incidents a day is 34. This comes as a great concern to Network Rail as rail services are due to increase from next week putting these who choose to trespass in even more danger.

With time off school due to COVID-19 Children need to be reminded of the dangers of the Railway

Allan Spence, head of public and passenger safety for Network Rail, said:
“These figures are disappointing. Trespass is often seen as a young person problem but less than a fifth of the trespass incidents recorded in lockdown involved youngsters. Adults are far more likely to be the ones putting themselves in harm’s way.

“In addition to the many life-threatening dangers on the railway, trespass has a significant impact on the smooth running of rail services until the culprits can be found. It interrupts vital freight transport and delays those workers who have to travel.

This person in putting themselves in even more danger. The rail next to their right foot is live with 750 volts of DC power going though it continuously.

“As train service levels begin to increase, it is more important than ever for people to stay off the tracks and stay safe.”

Although the latest figures do seem to be on the rise possibly due to more younger people being at home overall over the passing year the number of trespass incidents involving young people has decreased by 30% across 30 high priority locations around the whole network.

Its not just the younger generation who go out onto the tracks. In May 2019 services were delayed as people made their way onto the track with camera equipment to get a good shot of Flying Scotsman. (C) British Transport Police

Since 2018 Network Rail and the British Transport Police have worked in partnership on an awareness campaign called You vs Train. It is aimed at young people, to educate them on the impacts of trespass and the devastating results that could happen. This has been the main contributor to the 30% drop of trespass incidents and is proving to be very successful. Remember “stay off the tracks. Stay safe”.

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