Network Rail thanks passengers for heeding advice to stay at home

Network Rail has thanked all passengers for heeding Government advice to remain at home unless your a keyworker or making an essential journey. New figures have revealed that footfall is down by 93% at London’s busiest stations.

 The data has reviled London’s main commuter hubs in the southern region including Waterloo, Victoria, Cannon Street and Charing cross have all had a decrease in the number of travellers since the advice to not travel unless essential issued on the 16th of march.

London Waterloo has the most significant decrease, with a 95% reduction in travel. The station sees typically 125,000 journeys made on an average weekday before COVID-19.

Waterloo station on a normal weekday

John Halsall, managing director for Network Rail’s Southern region, said: 

“The figures show a dramatic decrease in passengers travelling through London commuter hubs, and I’d like to thank everyone who is following the government advice and only travelling when it is necessary.

“The railway has been designated as a key service for the country so must remain open to ensure that those who can’t work from home, can get to work, while rail freight must continue to carry essential medical supplies to hospitals and food to supermarkets.

“While it might be unusual to thank people for not travelling, this is an unprecedented situation. I want to urge people to stop travelling if they don’t need to and continue to follow the guidelines so that more lives can be saved.”

Rail Minister Chris Heaton-Harris said: 

“I am delighted to be in the unprecedented position of thanking people across the country for joining together to stay home, protect the NHS and save lives, and avoid using our railways.

“Figures show that footfall at Waterloo, Victoria, Cannon Street and Charing Cross have decreased significantly – a fantastic sign that people are listening to the advice to stay home wherever possible.”

Network have again reiterated pervious advice if your journey is non essential do not travel theses who cannot work from home and have to use the network are advised to check their journey before traveling either on the National Rail website or direcrly with your operator.


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