Northern’s delay repay scheme gives Samaritans the ability to answer 600 more calls


Passengers traveling on Northern services who were intitled to delay repay have kindly chosen to donate their refund to Samaritans instead of having the payment returned to themselves. So far a total of £3,046 has been made.

For every £5 donated to the charity they are able to answer one call this means that in total with the money raised so far 600+ calls for help can be answered by the charity’s volunteers who are available around the clock.

Passengers are able to claim for delay repay if their service is delayed or cancelled and they arrive at their station over 15 mins late.

Northern first gave passengers the opportunity to donate to Samaritans a year ago.

Many train companies are updating there ticketing system at the moment such as Tyne and Ware metro with there recent addition of pay as go travel and northern have now taken the opportunity to update there delay repay system which now means that its easier than ever for customers to claim compensation either via the website or mobile app. Customer who purchased advance tickets have it even easier as they will now get an automatic refund the second they are over 15 minutes late.

Commercial and customer director at Northern Mark Powles,, said:

“A big thank you to our very generous customers who have donated to Samaritans through Delay Repay.

“One of our key goals is to make a positive impact in the north of England and we hope that by continuing our support for Samaritans through this scheme we can help reach out to those who may be struggling.

“The charity has trained many of our frontline staff to spot someone who might be vulnerable, giving them the confidence to simply start a conversation which could help save a life.”

The rail operator wants to give the best possible service for passengers but delays do occur and this is sometimes due to circumstances outside of Northerns control.

If customers continue to donate their Delay Repay monies to Samaritans even including small amounts, it will aid the charity in offering 24/7 emotional support to anybody who may need it.

To find the donate a repayment option, please use the drop-down menu from the bottom of the Delay Repay form on Northern’s website and select.

Regional Development Lead for Samaritans’ Rail Programme in North West & Central Dave Brown said:

“We’re so grateful to Northern and their customers who have donated to Samaritans through this scheme. We know the nation’s mental health has been tested because of the pandemic with our 20,000 volunteers answering a call for help every 10 seconds in 2021. Every £5 donated means our volunteers can answer one call for help, so this generous donation will make a huge difference in potentially saving lives.

Working in partnership with the rail industry for more than 10 years, Samaritans help to remind both rail staff and the public that suicide is preventable and that talking really does save lives, whether with a friend, colleague or Samaritans volunteer who are always available to listen without judgement, for free on 116 123 or at”

Customers making a claim under Northern’s Delay Repay initiative need to retain any travel tickets and complete the delay repay form which can be found here:

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