Railway Face Coverings


I cannot stress how important it is to stop the spread of germs, especially since the arrival of Covid-19. It has shown society that if you do not maintain good hygiene then you could become unwell.

For anyone interested in railway themed face coverings, two different companies have started to produce them; one being London North Eastern Railway and the other being ‘masquette square site’.

London North Eastern Railway have created a selection of face coverings that incorporate designs inspired by places along its railway network.

Anyone wishing to purchase one please visit their websites. I have included a link to both companies sites below.

It is unclear how long society will be made to wear face coverings on public transport but I believe that it’s a good measure to put in place as the cleaner we can keep public transport the better it will be for us in the long term.



Edited by Paige Bowry.

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