Some Tube Lines are louder than an aircraft on take off


Is it a 747 is it an A380 no its the Central, Jubilee, Northern and Victoria lines of the London Underground system. All four lines named as the noisiest lines on the whole network.

Jubilee Line 1996 stock

The issue of noise is so bad that the RMT union members of London’s undergrounds drivers have voted in industrial action although this time it isn’t a strike. Members have voted for so-called “go slow” section of track. These go slow sections will be the sections known to be the nosiest on lines involved.

Research shows that sound levels on the Northern line can be as loud as 107.7 decibels as loud as a jet aircraft on take-off (standing within 1000FT of it)

Northern Line train leaving bank station. Platform ends are known to be the most nosiest places to stand.

Sections of the older deep-level tube lines are known to be louder than others due to the way these lines are constructed. For example, some sections of the central line feature turns of 90 degrees which causes wheel flanges to come into contact with the rail. This cause the horrible Screeching sound we have all become a custom to and hate.

The central line is known for its sharp corners even within stations

Customers also complain about being unable to hear passengers announcements due to the high noise level. Although even in the platform, it is sometimes hard to understand what the driver is saying. London unground do need to work on their PA systems on the more old tube stock.

On the platforms, things do not get any better, especially at the platform ends with readings of 98 decibels seen at the end of the green park platform.

The end of green park platform were sound levels are be around 98 decibles

The RMT has blamed the high noise level on a type of rail chair (used to hold the rail in place) known as Pandrol Vanguard this chair is designed to reduce noise and vibration however it appears that it has the opposite effect in deep level tunnels.

Pandrol Vangruad chair with rail in place

Union secretary Mick Cash has said in a statement that all member drivers will be instructed to drive at a slow speed over the section of track effect. Drivers of ATO trains will be instructed to drive over the sections of track in manual mode.

Passengers have been warned that the go-slow action will have a significant effect on the whole of the network and that trains will not run as frequently as usual. There is also a risk of temporary station closer to ease overcrowding.

London Underground is working closely with the RMT In order to help come to a solution and understanding.

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