Transport for London (TFL) Update

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As Londons heart starts to beat again, people’s movements are slowly increasing and additional public transport services are being re-introduced. People are still being asked to cycle, walk or drive to their required destination as this will allow adequate space for people who must travel.

Transport for London (TFL) buses are once again allowing boarding from the front doors and to tap-in using an oyster card, freedom pass or contactless bank card. During the deepest darkest periods of Covid-19 people who required a bus journey were asked to board through the buse’s middle doors and not to tap in as this was  to help stop the spread of any germs.
Along with cycling and walking, the government has been asking people to make use of their cars. If you are a driver in London you will know that there is a charge for certain parts of Londons roads and 22nd June saw the congestion charge rise to £15.00 per day.

(C) D.Dowling

Often seen as the busiest part of the TFL network, the tube system carries millions of commuters and tourist every year. Some parts of it are over 150 years old and it often doesn’t cope very well during rush hour. I have included a list of tube stations which are currently closed. In addition to the list of closed tube stations, the Waterloo & City line that runs between Waterloo and Bank in the heart of the city is currently closed.

A list of closed stations; Arsenal, Borough, Chalk Farm, Charing Cross, Clapham South, Covent Garden, Gloucester Road, Goodge Street, Great Portland Street, Hampstead, Hyde Park Corner, Kilburn Park, Lancaster Gate, Manor House, Queensway, Redbridge, Regents Park, Tufnell Park, Temple, Swiss Cottage, South Wimbledon, Southwark, St James Park and Stepney Green.

The information regarding tube station closures was taken from the TFL website and are correct as of Friday 4th July 2020. Anyone wishing to travel in London please check the TFL website for any further updates as some stations that are open may still have limited services and reduced ticketing facilities. They are still advising passengers to avoid the busiest times which are often around 05.30 – 08.30 in the morning peak and 16.00 – 18.00 in the evening peak.

A link to the TFL website is below.

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