Will the Railways become Re-nationlolised

(C) D.Dowling

There has been speculation that Britian’s railways could be re-nationalised.

From 1948 to 1997 Britian’s railway system was controlled by the government and known as British Railways, later on just British Rail. During the mid-1990’s the conservative government in power at the time started to sell off parts of the network removing their responsibility over the country’s railway network. Ever since 1997 the railways have been owned by a variety of private companies – some of whom brought progress to the network and some failing parts of society miserably.

(C) Bring Back British Rail

There is a campaign set up in the hope of having the Railways re-nationalised called ‘Bring Back British Rail’ which was started in 2009 by a group of disgruntled commuters and railway staff. It is common knowledge that private companies can often do great things for society but they can also have a negative impact on their work-force with low wages and often inhuman working conditions despite humans having been on the planet long enough to be given a better standard of living.


Transport Secretary Grant Shapps, has outlined plans that could see the ticketing system and time-tabling come under control of the government, and he has likened his ideas to the way Transport For London run their network.

There has also been talk of a statue to mark the deaths of key workers during Covid-19. One idea is to have it at London Victoria station, where railway worker Belly Mujinga was assaulted and ended up dying due the stupidity of a disgruntled passenger.

If the government take back control of the railways we will hopefully see good regulation of the service and a better, safer working environment for employees.

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