We Are Rail Traveller 

The leading independent voice for rail news and insight.

Launched in August 2019. Our goal is to provide a one-stop hub for all the key stories on the UK Railway, sharing the news in a simple, accessible way. We cover all regions, and all aspects of the railway from traction through to reviews and incident reports. We’re digital first, and all of our content is free to read and access.

Meet the crew:

Our fully remote team is located across the UK.

Stephen Stacey – Chief Executive Officer

Stephen is a rail enthusiast and travel journalist with over 15 years experience in the industry. More coming soon!

Luke Will – Business Development Director

Luke is a serial web entrepreneur and digital nomad based in London. Having been enthused by the world of commercial transport from a young age, Luke saw a niche in the market and co-founded Rail Traveller in 2019. Since then he’s steered all elements of Business Development from strategic partnerships to revenue growth. Luke holds a pilot’s license and is also an avid programmer.

Louie Montford – Content Manager

Louie is a rail enthusiast and serves as Rail Traveller’s Content Manager heading up operations across the web, social and community. More coming soon! 

Company Information:

Rail Traveller is the trading name of Rail Traveller Media Ltd. a registered company in the United Kingdom, #12591237